79 m to the east) became the reference for the meridian

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replica goyard bags Since the first triangulation of Great Britain in the period 1783 1853, Ordnance Survey maps have been based on an earlier version of the Greenwich meridian, defined by the transit instrument of James Bradley. When the Airy circle (5.79 m to the east) became the reference for the meridian, the difference resulting from the change was considered small enough to be neglected. When a new triangulation was done between 1936 and 1962, scientists determined that in the Ordnance Survey system the longitude of the international Greenwich meridian was not 0 but 000’00.417″ (about 8 East.[10] Besides the change of the reference line, imperfections of the surveying system added another discrepancy to the definition of the origin, so that the Bradley line itself is now 000’00.12″ East of the Ordnance Survey Zero Meridian (about 2.3m).[11]. replica goyard bags

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